What does your Girlfriend expect from you??

Hey, Amazing learner’s it is always an awesome feeling to be loved. here are some amazing things your girl may expect you to be like. have a glance and stay ahead to reach her expectations.

1. She always wants to care for her:-

Taking care is a feel good factor to a girl, it doesn’t mean to be always with her. it is like a wake-up message, make her remember things to be done in the day, asking about did they had their breakfast, lunch? how was her day? Did she reach to her place to visit safely? etc..,

2. She really needs a surprise from you:-http://theamazinglearner.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Love_Surprise_for_his_girlfriend_097800_.jpg

You may love your girl from the bottom of the heart, expressing it will help to keep magic you alive in your relationship. if you want to give something special what can you do more than a surprise?

  • Give her favorite flower, the surprise may not be expensive.

  • Change her alarm text to “love you dear’ for an instantaneous morning text.

  • Place some notes on a paper keep it in her handbag or table.

  • Ask her to go down the stairs and you be there with a bunch of flowers.

The surprise is always a memorable thing you can give to your girl.

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Foods to increase Blood Platelets…

Hey, Amazing Learner’s sometimes it’s really hard to find the solution for some problems. Here you may get an idea about platelets.

Components of blood are Plasma and corpuscles.

Corpuscles are:-

1. Red blood cells

2. White blood cells

3. Platelets

Platelets are a small colorless disc-shaped cell fragment without a nucleus, found in large numbers in blood and involved in clotting, works to keep us fit and healthier. They are very tiny in blood cells than RBC and WBC. Continue reading

blood pressure

What is Blood pressure?

Hey, Amazing learner’s

You have learned about blood pressure in your school days that 120/80 is the normal Blood pressure. Above to it is high blood pressure and below is low Blood pressure.

let us now see some amazing details about Blood pressure. 

Blood Pressure 120/80: –

  • 120 systolic pressure reading of heart pumping blood.

  • 80 diastolic pressure reading of heart taking the rest.

There are three stages of B.P.is your blood pressure 120/80

1.The first stage of B.P: – 

  • The reading is between 120-140/80-90.

  • Doctors won’t give medicines but suggests you to short the usage of salt, heavy masalas, and suggests to do good exercises.

2. The second stage of B.P: –

  • The reading is between 140-160/90-100.

  • The denomination 90-100 states that your heart is not taking the rest.

  • The Doctor will suggest to take regular medicines, i.e these medicines make your heart take the rest.

3. The third stage of B.P: –

  • The reading is 160+ /100+

  • This is High B.P like the storm, cyclone to your heart.

  • The denomination 100+ denotes the danger caution to you.

  • It leads to the kidney failure, heart damage, High B.P causes the damage of blood vessels leads to the Brain hemorrhage.

Keep in Mind that,

=> B.P is the silent killer, you can’t find the hidden danger.

Does Low B.P exist Let us take a look: –

  • If your B.P is 120/80 you’re going to be a B.P patient.

  • If it is 120/80, then you are hypertensive.

  • So, 110/ 80 if normal B.P.

  • If you are following good food habits then, the reading 90-120/70-80 can be considered as Normal Reading.

  • Here, 90 denotes that heart is pumping the blood easily

  • And 70 denotes that heart is taking a good rest.

  • Finally, we may feel uncomfortable when B.P is under the normal reading not because of salt, it is because of not having enough water, enough nutritional food, And not maintaining hormonal balance.

Does your heart take the rest?

Yes, the Human heart takes 0.8 seconds for one beat( lub dub), In that for lub 0.4 seconds and for dub 0.4 seconds.

Here, In that both 0.4 seconds, The heart pumps the blood in 0.2 seconds and next 0.2 seconds it stays stable. totally for every heartbeat(0.8) it takes the rest for 0.4 seconds.

When the Human heart doesn’t take rest: –

When you are aggressive, not able to control yourself, Talking in high pitch.

So, practice yourself to be cool and pleasant and make you and your family happy forever.


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Live life to its full potential

Live Life to its full potential

Hey Amazing learners,

You are happy when you have a car and it works with full potential till you use it. it is really amazing to hear it!!! right.

Same way, you will be happy when you’re with your full potential in your old phase of life, rather than depending on someone.

Essentials to live life to its full potential: –

  1. Air

  2. Water

  3. Food

  4. Exercise

  5. Excretion

  6. Rest

  7. Good thoughts

When you observe animals provide the (1 to 6) of the following perfectly and they are living without any problem in their olden days too.

Here, We humans have good thoughts and that’s the difference between animals and humans.

Have a glance about the importance of these and the quantity to be provided to the human body. So, let’s begin…,

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The art of living

The Art of Living

Hey, Amazing Learner’s

There is a little difference between Living and art of living, like throwing something inside when you’re hungry which fill your tummy, and eating your desired meal which fill all your nutrition values, cooking with your own taste, it’s an Amazing experience to have it. You know the secondary needs time, effort, planning, patience, but it repays amazingly higher on every level of living.

Let us learn some more elements of the art of living

Be healthier

Whatever you want to be you need to be healthier, have a meal with good nutritional values. Throwing everything inside will make it uncomfortable. Have a glance on your Food habits, and stick to them.

Be Polite

Generally you may notice rudeness or  boorish behavior in everyone rather than Politeness. Being polite means to be aware of, and respecting the feelings of other people.

1. Greet people- Say Hi, Hello, and Thank you. Don’t hesitate to use these wbe politeords.

2. Listen to someone talking to you.

3. Avoid gossips, Talk only positive things about everyone.

4. Respect others, Time, Things, and Feelings Don’t involve in their personal conversations.

5. Apologize, Understand Mistakes happen you and everyone so, learn to apologize and understand others too.

Show Emotions on your Face

Show emotions on your face

P.C to Wikihow

1. Always maintain the smile on your face it gives a great good impression to others, or your organisation towards to you.

2. The emotions you show on your face attracts the listeners comfortably.

3. It will easy to them to understand what you are speaking about.

Don’t hurt, Don’t Loose Trust

  Don't hurt, Don't Loose Trust
Don't hurt, Don't Loose Trust

1. It will really painful to you when you’re hurt by someone, You may feel bad, discouraged, depressed. So, Don’t Hurt anyone.

2. Not only with your words, the way you look at someone should be in a polite way, they should not feel bad or insecure.

3. Importantly don’t touch anyone, it may lead to a disrespectful act.

4. Keep in your mind What you’re talking? looking? Doing? because the end result will be in a way that they may lose trust on you!!

5. It’s really hard to build trust in these days. So, give your best to people to trust you.

6. Always think once, What if you’re hurt? Did you lose trust on someone?  it’s an art of living to maintain a healthy relationship from your side.

Positive Thinking, Positive Attitude

Positive Thinking, Positive Attitude

It’s really awesome to transform yourself with Positive mind, thoughts.

Positive Thinking, mind focus on your bright side of future and produces positive results.

A person with positive mind expects happiness, health and success, and will be able to overcome any obstacle. may some people think it as trash and laugh at you.

The effectiveness of Positive thinking is a reality, and people globally came to know about it.

You just need to maintain cool, calmness and accept the truths, failures, and adopt the attitude of positive thinking and see the art of living in it.

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